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123.hp/setup - Why is my HP printer not printing?

Your HP printer might not print due to various reasons. Before you assume anything you should try the basic troubleshooting as mentioned below: Printer issues usually occur when you have outdated printer drivers. Install the latest printer drivers visit 123.hp/setup. Download the recommended drivers and install them on your device. Make sure your printer is switched on. Check the power cord and plug it in again to fix any temporary connection problem. Next, you need to check the cables connecting your printer to the computer. Make sure they are connected properly from both ends and are not damaged. In the case of wireless printers make sure your network connection is working. Restart your Wi-Fi if required and establish the connection again. If you still can't print or get your HP printer in a working state then restart both your printer as well as computer. To restart the HP printer, first of all, disconnect the power code and leave it like that for a few minutes. Plug the cord again and start your printer.

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  • I am also using an HP printer and its really working very well, its output is damn good, luckily I got it from Reecoupons at half of the market price, and my printer print while I am offline very easily, till now I am not facing any issue, but yeah if in future I stuck anywhere I will definitely contact from you.

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