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10. `Togglz` - Feature Toggles
11. `Swagger` - API documentation
## Workflows ##
# Idea Category(Areas of Impact) #
- This is treated as an `admin` activity which is mandatory and has to be created at first place.
- Create and update of a idea category is handled by `saveCategory`. Each category consists of a set of reviewers who would be responsible for approving the ideas submitted in that category.
# Idea #
- Any employee can create an idea under defined categories and submit for approval or save as draft for later editing.
- The employee who created the idea would be treated as `INNOVATOR`. The innovator can invite other employees as `CO_INNOVATOR`(who will be sharing the same privileges as innovator) and `MEMBER`(having only the read privileges).
- Once the idea is being approved by the corresponding reviewer of a category it would published in the system where everyone can view the idea.
- Interested employee can join an idea as a `MEMBER` and contribute.
- Create and update of an idea is handled by `saveIdea`.
# Playground Template #
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