Authored by Trade Flock

iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks

We know that Apple is the biggest brand in the world, and Apple always makes extraordinary phones that impact the world, we are talking about iPhone 11 which has something impressive and amazing. Here we will talk about iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks. Let's see what makes Apple different.

(1) New Direct Transfer Mode

(2) Dark Theme

(3) Haptic Touch? Sounds Great!

(4) Switch To Ultra Wide Camera In One Tap

(5) Shoot 4K Videos With Rear Camera

(6) Zoom In To Ultra Wide While Editing

(7) The All-New iPhone 11 Sleep Timer

(8) iPhone 11 New Magic Trackpad

(9) New Keyboard Shortcuts

(10) iPhone Scanning: One Another Level

(11) 3D Maps

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