Authored by Smart Wheel Canada

Keep your leather case as good as new!

Smartphones are a new addition to our lives. They entered our lives only a few decades ago. Since then, they have been updated daily. Literally!

Now if so much work is being carried out by professionals, then it makes sense for the industry to create protective gear for it.

And this was done. Phone cases were created. They are available for most phones. People choose the best material for phone cases. This can depend upon different parameters.

A famous option here is leather. We all have seen articles before made out of this material. It has a long history. If treated well, it can last for nearly a decade (and even more!)

Make sure that you do not keep it around moisture for a prolonged period. Otherwise, the water molecules create a bond with the oil present in the leather and evaporate with it. This leads to the drying up of leather.

If it stains do not rub it harshly. Use a soft cloth. Barely dampen it and rub it with a light hand. If the stain persists then use a diluted form of mild detergent.

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