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Prominent electric commuters in Canada: 2022 Update

There are several types of electric transportation options that have been updated in the current year. As the competition keeps on rising, everyone is upgrading their technology.

The market is slowly attracting more customers, investors and companies to indulge in it and grow together.

People have been using electric scooters before and have had very positive feedback. It is something new that has benefitted everyone’s life. 

One can search online and browse through several options and read about them to acquire knowledge. If they feel like buying it, then it’s an open and booming market. 

segway canada is a name that people will find in many blogs, reviews etc. they have an image which is trustable, reliable and provide a quality product to the people.

 Some designs there are already available and have been used by people. We are going to discuss the latest design launches by them, which are going to be a trendsetter for sure.

 The product name is Segway GT2 Electric Kick Scooter. It is the latest tech that is open for a preview for now. It is a massive battery power of 1512Wh. To make this into an even better combination, we have a motor of 3000W. 

These parameters have set a new bar for electric scooters. With this combination, it can reach up to a maximum speed of 70 km/h with a range of 90km!

The safety is taken well into consideration as there are front and read shock absorbers attached to it. With proper lights and a monitor now it also had Bluetooth.

The most exciting part is that this entire configuration is foldable. How cool is that!

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